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Digital Clinic - Mu'ta Secondary School for Girls

The Karak Castle Center, in cooperation with the Directorate of Education for the Southern Mazar District, and in the presence of Mrs. Mai Al-Rahafa and Head of the Educational Activities Department, Dr. Hussein Al-Sarayrah, presented a training workshop held at Mu'ta Secondary School for Girls under the title (Digital Clinic) within the Digital Safety Project for Women in cooperation with the Canadian government-supported secedv organization With the coordination of the school administration, the development coordinator, and the teacher Rabia al-Tarawneh, and the presence of some of the school's teachers

The two trainers, Nibal Al-Mahadin and Raham Al-Mobaideen, carried out the workshop directly on the target group of women because they are most exposed to the risks of various and varied means of communication.

The workshop aims to help solve technical problems in cellular devices and the personal computer, provide psychological support services to women, and change perceptions and behaviors towards digital safety among women and girls. To keep them safe.

Attendance was welcomed by the assistant principal of the school, Mrs. Sahar Al-Sarayreh, and the workshop was carried out taking into account the approved health protocol and the physical distance between attendance and the permitted number within a minimum.

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