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Digital Safety workshop at That Ras Al-Thaqafi Youth Forum

At the headquarters of the Youth Forum of That Ras Al-Thaqafi (the hall of the late Suleiman Al-Hawari), a training workshop on digital safety for women was held, as well as a digital clinic for phones and applications installed on them, in cooperation with the That Ras Al-Thaqafi Youth Forum.

During the workshop, a number of questions of concern to the women's phones were addressed through the implementation of protective measures and directing the women to take some steps on the phone to increase protection and prevent any kind of penetration, extortion of all kinds, hacking, and so on.

Here, we extend our sincere thanks to the women for accepting the forum’s invitation. 

Our thanks go also to the coaches (Nibal Al-Mahadin, Reham Al-Mobaideen) from the center for the kind effort they made during the two workshops that were held during this period.

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