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Building Capacities of CBOs to Support Women’s Economic Participation in Jordan

The project "Capacity Building of Community Organizations to Support Women's Economic Participation in Karak," implemented by Al-Karak Consultancy and Training Center as part of the "Towards Enhancing Women's Economic Participation in Jordan" project funded by the European Union and led by the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Initiative, aims to strengthen the capacities of institutions affiliated with the Greater Karak Municipality.

Through this project, women will be equipped with the necessary skills to manage their financial and administrative institutions, prepare reports, and write technical and financial proposals for their projects. This will empower them economically, assist them in initiating their own small-scale projects, and provide a sustainable source of income for themselves and their families. It will also create employment opportunities in the surrounding environment.

The project includes the development of their projects by seeking additional grants to support and expand them, as well as ensuring their sustainability. Additionally, the project entails issuing a report that outlines the number of active associations in the targeted areas and their relevant data.

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