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Digital safety for women

The Karak Castle Center for Consultation and Training, funded by the Canadian Secdiv foundation, is implementing a women’s digital safety project targeting women and girls in the Karak and Tafileh governorates. Against women and it occurs due to the lack of awareness of the concepts and details of technical protection and digital safety guarantee, as many women are exposed to various forms of blackmail, exploitation and other digital problems that cause them harm, danger and threat to their safety and the integrity of their data.

The project also includes a digital clinic service, which provides Free of charge for women and girls, and it works to provide technical and technical support and assistance, and examines mobile phones and laptops for women and girls at the headquarters of associations where digital safety sessions are held, or by communicating with the digital safety team in one of the ways of contacting to obtain this service and provide this service For as many women and girls as possible.

The following report shows the opinions of some of the participants in the project:

Digital safety for women

Project Gallery

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