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Let’s Work Together – fellowship project

Karak Center for Consultations and Training cooperated with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation to implement a Fellowship Program with the governorate councils entitled "Let’s work together”. 

The project targeted young men and women from the governorates of Al-Mafraq and Al-Karak to serve as assistants (volunteers) to members of the governorate councils. 

The Center provided a series of training sessions, stipulating that the largest assistance is to go to women elected as council members.

The task for this group was to reduce the gap between the elected councils and the local community. This was accomplished through community meetings between the council's members and the local community to discuss the mutual issues, as well as to present to the local community what the councils do in their work.

Also, the fellows developed needs assessments for the two governorates and delivered them to the governorate councils. This was part of their tasks to help the councils as technical assistants.

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